We understood the value of the miracle called “breath”, clean air and plenty of oxygen.
This was our dream; take a breath of fresh air.
Everyone dreams of an ideal lifestyle. Of course ours too. As with all our projects. We set out to make another dream come true...

Siltaş Korupark has been designed with a unique architecture that includes all the details that will make life easier, and with a renewed life concept in order to live in harmony with nature in a 13.000 m2 land.

Meet with a unique and prestigious project in Istanbul, which will consist of only 114 apartments and 9 villas, where distinguished families will meet.
At Siltaş Korupark, we have included every detail and every new technology that will make your life easier. Smart House We have thought of everything from the central vacuum cleaner system to the two parking areas for each flat, to the e-charging point.
Merkezi süpürge sistemi

Central vacuum system

Solutions that will make your life easier with the central vacuum cleaner system infrastructure.

Yerden ısıtma

Underfloor heating

Siltaş Koru Park underfloor heating system so that you can heat healthier, more comfortably and more economically. is coming.

Discover Istanbul

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There are hundreds of spots and hundreds of places waiting to be discovered in every corner of the living city of Istanbul. Forests, beaches, natural beauties, historical places, shopping centers and more… How do you like life? If you want to live, where you want to explore, you will be able to reach there easily. Bride's main Let's take a look at a few locations together.

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